Which Software?


Which Accounting Software suits my business?

In Australia, there’s only two players major in the small business accounting software market: MYOB and QuickBooks. QuickBooks is now trading under the “Reckon” banner.

Both products are  respected throughout Australia and also worldwide. They both have good Australian support. They are said to have 98% of the small business market in Australia between them.

How will I compare MYOB versus QuickBooks?

Comparing accounting software, can be a daunting process. Things get especially difficult if your business has special reporting needs, complicated inventory or a way of working that’s a bit unusual. Both MYOB and QuickBooks provide acceptable accounting solutions, but you will still need assistance to make the right choice:

If you have yet to select your software, Millennium Accounting Solutions can bring it’s years of experience to help you make your selection. An important part of that decision may be to determine which product is more acceptable to your Accountant for submission of the annual income tax return - it may be irrelevant.

Which Product from within MYOB or Quickbooks?

Before selecting the Company from which to purchase your software, it is important to zero in on one or more of the various products within MYOB or Quick books that suit your business. Once again Millennium Accounting Solutions can help you.

If you click on the following links you will see the current ranges of small business software products these two companies are offering. Note: When finished, to return to the Millennium web site, “press” the “BACK BUTTON” on your browser.

MYOB Small Business Products.

QuickBooks Small Business Products.


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